The technology category introduces readers to working technologies in TVs. For example, what is HDR or Smart TV, what sound systems are available, and how best to use them?

What manufacturers use today and what they plan to use in the future. What are some solutions better than others, for example, what is better than an OLED screen or QLED quantum dot display?

NanoCell vs QLED

NanoCell vs QLED

What is Better Than NanoCell vs QLED NanoCell vs QLED, which technology will have the best picture? Which technology to choose? Tough questions today. Let’s find out why. If the answer is needed immediately and without any theory, LG Nanocell and Samsung QLED (Quantum Dot) TVs from the same price category have similar picture quality. […]

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oled tv

What is OLED TV

What is OLED in Televisions? OLED in televisions means a screen built on a matrix of organic light-emitting diodes. Because of the name of these displays, the entire television is named “OLED”. Everyone has heard the names OLED, QLED, NanoCell, and Triluminos, which are associated with the latest technological advances in television technology. Only organic

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What Are HDMI

What is an HDMI connector HDMI is a popular interface that provides simultaneous picture and sound transmission. This connector is equipped with modern types of equipment: TVs, game consoles, laptops, PCs, etc. How to choose the right HDMI cable? To make a competent and informed decision, carefully study the features of this interface. Features HDMI

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What is HDR TV

What is HDR TV? High Dynamic Range (HDR) presents images and videos with more luminance and contrast and with brighter colors. Most TVs today have HDR features to enable improvement and appeal. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an extended dynamic range and a general name for the technology. Previously, 8-bit SDR video was used, but

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