How To

This site’s “how-to” section is devoted to articles to help users sort out questions about how to use, and apply technology in conjunction with a TV, or adjust the TV to new features.

There are many such questions about television sets. Often ordinary users are not even aware of these settings or connections. They just don’t need that kind of knowledge in their daily lives. They need them once to set up the TV to work with other devices and that’s it.

And there can be many such questions. This is how to connect to the Internet, how to connect and configure the soundbar, how to configure a smart TV, and how to configure the TV. Many more issues can arise when using your TV.

In this category, there will be articles that help users solve such issues or give tips on setting up technology. After all, it’s hard to immediately figure out what version of HDMI connector you need and pick up a cable to it, and if you also need to use ARC or eARC, or maybe CEC and it’s all HDMI.

And when a buyer needs to figure out the quality of the TV screen and make a choice? You need to know the technical details of QLED, NanoCell, LED, miniLED, microLED, and others.

Let’s understand all of these issues in the “how it works” articles.

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