How to Find the 4 Digit Code for a TV

A universal TV remote control is purchased to replace the original. Perhaps the original is out of order, or there is a need to control several devices with a single remote control. In such situations, a universal remote control will help.

A remote control has sets of commands to control a specific TV stored in its memory, so the original remote is set to command a specific TV. The universal remote, however, can be used for many different TVs and even for other devices (Audio, Video, DVD, etc.).

Each TV set is designated by a digital code of two, three, four, or even five digits within a universal remote control. Before setting yours up, you need to know the code for your TV so you can set it up to control your TV.

The easiest way to find your TV’s digital code is to read your TV or remote manual. You need it to program the universal remote control.

How Do You Program a Universal Remote?

how to find tv code

There are several ways to configure a remote control to work correctly with your TV.

Unlike the remote control that comes with a TV, the universal remote control contains a large number of different firmware, allowing the device to communicate with many different equipment models. Often it is electronics from a specific manufacturer, but there is no hard limit.

Thus, you can use a single remote to configure and control several pieces of home appliances. Setting the connection between the remote control and a controlled device requires a specific algorithm.

Most users prefer to use the automatic setting mode of their universal remote control for a TV. This method is the easiest because it does not require any special knowledge from the user.

The Automatic Way to Connect the Remote Control to the TV

In the automatic method, the remote control goes through every code listed in the table and gives the command to turn off (by default, the TV must be on). If the TV turns off, the code matches, and you need to press the OK button until 2 seconds have passed. Some remote controls may have a different button in place of OK.

This code search can take a long time (about 15 minutes). Moreover, you can not move away from the TV because you need to press the OK button in time.

  1. Begin by turning on the TV and pointing the remote control at it.
  2. Press and hold the [SET] button (or [POWER]) and wait while the remote control scans home devices to select a suitable code from the base. Once the indicator light comes on, you can release the two pressed keys. If the indicator blinks, the auto-signal has been sent to search for a numeric code.
  3. Alternately, the number “9999” can be entered on the remote control. Hold your finger down on the last 9. Wait until the code search is complete and the devices are synchronized.

When the MUTE icon (or another indicator) appears on the screen, the identification is successful, and the remote control is set to work with the TV.

Manual Method

The manual way is faster and more practical. The section with the codes looks for the equipment type and its manufacturer. There can be up to 40 four-digit codes for each model.

For manual synchronization, you need to enter programming mode. Instructions are usually given in the specifications or the purchased remote control box. Different manufacturers have their setting algorithms, but programming modes are often activated by pressing the [SET/POWER] button. Point the remote control at the TV and press this button.

  1. Press the [TV] button on the remote control and hold it for 3 seconds. The indicator on the remote control will light up. You can use one of these key combinations (it depends on the manufacturer or specific model):
    POWER + SET;
    POWER + TV;
    POWER + C;
    TV + SET.
  2. Next, enter the digital code. The indicator light will go out once the code is accepted.
  3. To check, press the channel switch button. If the TV does not respond, go back to step 1 and enter the next code. Repeat until the TV responds to the remote control.

There can be up to 40 possible answers in the table of codes for the popular TV models, and it could take multiple (10-40) attempts to find the right code. Run a check after each attempt to make sure it works correctly!

If the remote can control the TV, but not correctly — the channels are switched, the volume is adjusted, but the setup menu does not work.

You need to keep searching, and you will find up to 5 more working combinations.

One code will be optimal for the TV. All functions will work — menus, Teletext, and other rarely used settings. However, the number of codes and attempts depends on the popularity of the TV brand.

As a result, the remote control will become an inexpensive and functional substitute for the original. You will have to spend 15 minutes reading the instructions and tuning.

Sometimes, none of the variants shown in the table are suitable, and the remote control can not be adjusted.
In these cases, the use of auto-tuning is recommended.

Difficulties can also arise because the remote control model is not suitable for a particular TV. Therefore, before buying a device, you need to check the list of appropriate brands and read the technical specifications.

Additionally, a weak signal due to dead batteries is possible. Before using it, it is crucial to make sure that all devices work properly.

How Do I Find My 4-Digit TV Code?

To connect the universal remote control to your TV, you should know the four-digit code of the specific model. The code for each brand can be two, three, four, or five digits, with the most popular being four digits.

The code is not official technical information. A third party has compiled The database to help you identify a compatible remote control for your TV models.

The code for each model is displayed in the instructions of the datasheet, on the companies’ websites, or in special tables.

Getting the Code from the Manual

Start with the instructions on the remote control package. It usually has codes that adjust to popular TV models.

Also, the user manual for your TV may give you the settings for the universal remote control. The list of codes varies from manual to manual.

These codes may be in the owner’s manual or on a separate sheet of paper that comes with it. There can be several codes for your TV model. Enter them one by one when programming the remote control.

Getting the Code from the Internet

If the owner’s manual does not provide the necessary information, start a search on the internet by entering a universal remote control or TV model into the search engine.

The remote control model number can be found under the battery compartment cover, but you can also find it on the internet.

  • Enter your TV’s make and the phrase “universal remote control codes” in the search bar.
  • Click on any of the links to search for codes by TV brand.
  • You will also see links to information about programming the remote.
  • Follow the instructions and try the codes until you find the right one.


Using Code Search

Another way to get the TV code is to use the automatic code search. The universal remote control will search its database and check several codes, one by one.

button usage Code Search

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Press the [Search Code] button on the remote control until the indicator light comes on.
  3. Press and hold the [TV] button until the TV turns off and then on again.
  4. Press [Enter] to save the code.

Note: If your remote finds the correct code, it will turn off. If not, the unit will remain on. Repeat the process until it shuts down.

Sometimes users can’t find the combination for their universal remote control. How do they find the code in this case? For this purpose, there is an auto-tuning function.

It is available in universal remotes, regardless of brand. In this case, you do not need to learn the combination of digits.

Getting the Code From the Manufacturer

Take the model number of the remote control, as in the previous point, and contact the technical support of the device manufacturer. Ask if the correct code for the universal remote control is available.

The remote control model number can be found at the bottom of the front panel, after all the buttons.

Common 4-digit codes for TVs of well-known brands

These are 4-digit number codes for the universal remote control. You need them to program the remote control for your TV model. There are several codes for each TV manufacturer, try them one by one when programming.

  • LG — 0050 0005 0227 0037 0056 0442 0001 0370 1178 0002 0009 0377 0032 0556 0003 0217 0019 0030 0714 0038 0216 0431 0290 0163 0644 0060 0178 0108 0606 0109 0700 1934 1926 0698 0715 0823
  • Loewe — 0512 0633 0790 0037 0556 0655 0370 0087 0292 0362 0516
  • Panasonic — 0171 0148 0054 0051 0650 0226 0108 0250 1924 0054 0037 0214 0556 0163 0208 0361 0227 0367 0508 0340 0516 0548 1210 1310 1930 0001 0853 1941
  • Philips — 0037 0054 0556 0056 0238 0012 0721 0000 0554 0019 0191 0020 0087 0774 0193 0747 0423 0187 0186 0343 0178 0108 0570 0024 0374 0028 0030 0092 0032 0051 0772 0009 0200 1154 1454 0080 1756
  • Samsung — 0019 0618 0644 0105 0077 0076 0019 0618 0644 0056 0060 0587 0037 0178 0030 0556 0009 0702 0774 0093 0217 0448 0747 0482 0370 0264 0329 0090 0032 0216 0290 0154 0150 0092 0072 0179 0208 0519 0156 0163 0625 0226 0812 0817 0821 1060
  • Sony — 0000 1505 1651 0011 1010 0036 0650 1100 1925 0102 0353 0111 0037 0080 0556 0157 0834
  • TCL — 0727 0806 0826 0412 0698
  • Vizio — 1004 1007 1011 1018 1047 1053 1056 1057 1059 1060 1061 1083 1168 1169 1329 1358 1372 1414 1471 1741 2021 2901 3351 3651 3741 3851 4081 5109 5115 5138 5139 5343 5450 5561 5571 5581 5591 5601 5611 5621 5631 5641 5651 5661 5671 5681 5691 5701 5711 6111 6121 6131 6471 6511

Problems and solutions

It should be noted that a universal remote control can not become a full-fledged replacement for the original remote control. There are several reasons for this.

1) The need to configure the universal remote control — setting the code suitable for your equipment.

2) Resetting the remote control when the batteries are replaced — the need to replace the batteries of the universal remote control periodically will lead to a need for reconfiguration. When replacing the batteries, do not take them both out at once. Rather, change them one by one so that at least one battery remains in its place during the replacement.

3) Inconsistency of pictograms — graphic designation of the buttons of the universal remote control does not always coincide with its functions.

4) The most commonly used remote control buttons are lacking several functions — volume control, switching channels, and turning off the TV. The operability of these buttons does not guarantee the ability to use all the functions provided on the regular device.

5) Unable to connect — it’s possible that the universal remote control may not fit your receiver, player, or TV at all.

Therefore, if the remote control fails, you should not rush to buy a universal remote control from an unknown manufacturer. Affordable remotes are, of course, inferior to brand-name remotes in terms of durability, but they do not have the disadvantages mentioned above.

In closing, purchasing a remote similar to the original is often impossible. In this case, only a universal remote control can help.

Example remote control setting in the video:



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