Crystal UHD vs QLED Which is Better?
“Crystal UHD” and “QLED” — these two designations are marketing names for groups of TVs in the Samsung lineup.
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How To Buy a New TV
When choosing a modern TV the buyer can get confused by all the features.
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What is a Home Theatre Power Manager
Home Theatre Power Managers, aka, power conditioners, help protect the home theatre
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What is a television set today?

The development of television technology has led to the appearance of store shelves and TVs combining many different functions. And choosing a television receiver is not only a choice of the quality screen for the image output but also a choice of many additional features.

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Almost every family has a TV. Whether it is used for terrestrial TV, or for displaying images from YouTube or a game console – in any case, a big screen in the house is a handy thing.

TVs have come a long way. In just under a hundred years, technology has made many steps from the mechanical box with a viewing area of a couple of inches and a resolution of 20-30 lines, to panels with a thickness of a few millimeters and diagonals up to 100 inches and resolution of 4K and more.

Image quality is growing, and there are more and more new technologies. The articles on this site will help you understand the capabilities of TVs, and use these features correctly.

The development of televisions will be aimed at increasing the clarity of the image and the screen diagonal. Laser TVs are being developed for the market, not just as demo examples. The development of Smart TV will lead to increased use of the Internet and streaming services. Processor power will increase, and more and more TVs will use artificial intelligence. There are already transparent and collapsible TVs. The development of 8K resolution will lead to an increase in the size of TVs.

All of this is going to happen shortly. What other technologies for the screens will appear? What features will be added to TVs? We’ll see, but now read the articles, choose the right TVs from those that are available, and enjoy the display technologies today.

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